Keeping Secrets by Maggie Dana

I received this book as an E-Arc through Netgalley. Thank you very much!

A nice book for the horseloving tween.
Having read quite a few horsey books in my time, I quite enjoyed the change of pace this book has offered me. Whilst you still get all the horse references, the story is not what I was expecting when I saw the cover. It wasn’t all about the rivalry at competitions. Far more, it was also about a special friendship, or rather bond, that formed between the two girls. Both have their own battles to face, but find a shoulder to lean on in each other. This bond that they share is also what brings both girls back to life, so to speak. I will be reading more of the series, provided I can find the books.


The Isobel Journal Review

I received this e-proof through NetGalley!

Thank you very much!

Hhm, where to start?
I love the drawings and photographs. I love how the book seems to come straight out of Isobel’s life, as it should, I guess. I also love the details that seem to have gone into designing this title and the thoughts that are shared with the reader on life.

That said, I do have a few issues… The book is, in my mind, too easy for an 18, or even 16 year olds life. Whilst it’s coherent writing in itself, I had trouble believing that I’m reading about an older teenager’s everyday life. The drawings are very expressive, but most topics and thoughts seem more suited to a tween. That’s not bad, but the text provided by the publisher is slightly misleading as far as I’m concerned. Having said that, the last sixtyish pages are quite realistic again.

Overall, it’s a sweet, quick read.

Fab Fashions You Can Make And Share Review

I received this e-book proof through netgalley!

Thank you very much 🙂

This book is a beautifully designed crafts book for tweens. It is set in the world of the sleepover girls and seems to be 1 of 4 crafty/cookery books.

There’s a nice mix of beautifying tips, sewing, glueing and “ready-made” crafts that just need to be cut out. Whilst I don’t know what quality of paper these last projects are on, I can certainly say that the instructions are easy to follow and the crafts are all sleepover themed. I’d certainly have enjoyed a crafty sleepover with my friends, using this book as a basis. I’d suggest this is perfect for 10-13 year old girls.

Custom Confections Review

I received an ebook proof of this title through NetGalley!

Thank you very much!

Lovely pictures make you hungry to try out the recipes. Whilst everything looks professional and elaborate, the instructions are dead easy to follow, making this a good book for tweens (and grown ups) who fancy trying baking and decorating.

I really can’t wait to try the recipes. Whilst you aren’t given alternatives for hard to find (outside of US/UK) ingredients, there is a wonderful imperial-metric chart and pictures of all the tools, so you know exactly what’s needed at all times.