A Storm Called Katrina Review

I received this title as an e-ARC through NetGalley!

Thank you very much!

This picture book covers the topic natural disaster and their impact on human lives, using hurricane Katrina. It was printed quite a while after Katrina struck Louisiana.

The illustrations are beautifully fitted to a children’s picture book, as well as the topic of this particular book. The Story is easy to follow for kids, but picks up on a few important aspects of life after a natural disaster hits. I don’t want to give away the story, but it basically deals with two important things: a) the aftermath of Katrina -> can be used as a basis for any other disaster striking. b) that a kid can and should be trusted to be both courageous and be able to have and follow through on useful ideas.

It’s sure to be a valuable story to help kids cope with the aftermath of a similar storm or disaster hitting as Katrina. The story is timeless and can’t be tied to a place either. For this reason, I think every bookshop and library should have this title on hand.